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BUDGAM district is home to some of the most exotic tourist locales where man finds himself in close communion with nature. It is a treat to visit some of these places and the district administration is unveiling a major road connectivity plan to make the region more accessible. Some of these places include:

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ONE of the captivating meadows of Kashmir, Yousmarg is situated 50 Kms to the southwest of Srinagar at an elevation of 7,500 ft above sea-level. Yousmarg is not just a meadow but a cluster of meadows bounded by magnificent trees in the lap of Pir Panjal mountain range. The place is simply bewitching where man is lost in nature and awed with its beauty. The place is connected by road from Srinagar via Charar-e-Sharief. Pony riding in the meadows here is a tourist's delight.


In between the magnificent hills, milk stream, dense forest cover a large meadow about which a famous Kashmiri Saint Nund-Reshi who was in search of water to offer prayers has pricked the ground by his stick to search water, the milk came out and hence the meadow got its name DOODHPATHR. The prominent sites of Doodpather are Tangnar, Mujpather, Dophkhal, Sochilpather, Palmaidan and Parihas.


IT is a beautiful blue-water lake, situated 4 kms downhill from Yousmarg, connected by a bridle path through dense forests. The place is a wonderful picnic spot where tourists are mesmerised by wonderful natural surroundings. Nilnag is also approachable from Nowgam village. The 13-km uphill journey is a superb trek that brings many other beauty spots to limelight.


THE source of the famous Dood Ganga stream, Mt. Tatakoti is at an elevation of 15,500 ft above sea-level. The stream, a tributary of the Riverr Jhelum is famous for trout fish. Dood Ganga is just one km away from Yousmarg where one can go on pony or enjoy the environs by footing the distance.


TEN kms uphill from Yousmarg, one can go trekking to Sang-e-Safed, which serves as base for Mt. Tatakoti. En route, there are many meadows like Liddermar, where one could have a night's halt. Sang-e-Safed is an oval-shaped meadow bisected by the Dood Ganga stream. Mornings and evenings are very refreshing here. Another enchanting meadow in the area is Haigin, 4 kms from Yousmarg. Surrounded by dense pine trees, the place is a famous picnic spot.


TOSAMAIDAN is not only famous as a pasture but also for its historical bacKground. Bounded by dense forests, it is situated about 10 Kms from Khag in the mountains of the Himalayan range. After crossing the upper mountain reaches of Drang, Zakhora and other small villages, one reaches the pasture of Tosamaidan. It is one of those pastures which the shepherds of other countries also used to visit in ancient times. The Mughals used to go to Poonch using this route. It is said that they had constructed a seven-storeyed building -Dam Dam - here. The Basmai Gali (13,000 ft) is the pass which leads into Tosamaidan. Another pass - Poonch Gali - on its right side leads to the valley of Poonch. This pass was deemed to be the safest, easiest, and nearest to reach Punjab in in ancient times. From here a path also leads to Nilnag. Tosamaidan is the largest pasture in its surrounding areas, 3 miles in length and 1.5 miles in width. Sky touching deodars fence this pasture presenting a view of a green carpet during summer. During summer, the camps of the Gujjar community and shepherds are grazing their sheep in the pasture presenting a riveting look. Also, the fragrance of wild flowers refresh the environment.


TO reach this alpine pasture, one has to cross the green slopes of Donwar, Brari Pather and Yanga Pather. A little higher from these slopes, the entire place is covered with various kinds of asters and several plants of saussuera lappa (Kuth). Immediately afterwards, the area of "Rachi Parhan" (Pasture of Parhan) commences. In clear blue sky, the view of the area is ravishing. One can view the famous Wular Lake from here which resembles a silver-sheet. One can also enjoy the most charming view of one of the highest peaks in the world - Nanga Parbat (26,696 ft) - from here.


BEFORE Pehjan, there is the famous 14,000 ft-high Nakwaer Pal (the nostril rock) on the way. It is the highest peak of this range. About this famous rock it is said that when Kashmir valley was a lake (Sati Sar),boats used to be anchored with this rock. Today