Social Welfare

The brief description of the programmes /schemes being implemented by the department mentioned below

  1. National Social Assistance Program(NSAP) under this scheme the department is providing monthly financial assistance to the sanctioned beneficiaries @1000/month through their bank accounts under the components of IGNOAPS,IGNWPS  and IGNDWPS. Total 12297 no of registered beneficiaries under IGNOAPS are getting payment through DBT mode, where under the payment is made directly in their bank account from civil secretariat. Similarly 274 beneficiaries under WPS and 121 under DPS categories are getting the benefit of the scheme. Besides financial assistance, under another category of  NFBS (National Family Benefit Schemes ) an amount of Rs. 20000/- ( one time ) is provided to the widows whose main bread earner ( Husband) dies by natural or accidental death falling under BPL category. During the year 2017-18, total 35 beneficiaries were benefitted under this scheme.
  2. Integrated Social Security Schemes (ISSS) Under this scheme the department is providing monthly financial assistance to the sanctioned beneficiaries @1000/month through their bank accounts (DBT mode) under the components of OAP, WId, and PCP. The total no of beneficiaries getting payment under OAP is 8926, WID is 9512 and PCP is 6622
  3. State Marriage Assistance Scheme (SMAS). Under the scheme the department provides the financial assistance of Rs.25000 and cash value of 5 grams of gold to the eligible girls for their marriage.
  4. AASRA Scheme. Under the scheme insurance cover is provided to the eligible persons in the age group of 18 to 50 (Jeevan Joti Bima Yojna) and 18 to 70 years(Suraksha Bima Yojna).
  5. Rehabilitation of Militancy Hit Victims(RMV)/ NFCH/WOD: Under this scheme the Department is providing the financial assistance in the shape of monthly pension to the  dependents (widow/old aged/physically challenged)  and scholarship to the school going children respectively to the persons effected by militancy in any shape. Under the scheme “Rehabilitation Of Militancy Hit Victims”, 337 benificiaries are getting monthly pension (in OAP, WID,PCP categories). Under WOD ( Without Discrimination ), scholarship to the 144 children of  the killed militants is being provided yearly. Under both RMV and WOD, the Online payment is made from Rehabilitation Council up to March 2018. Ministry Of Home Affairs provides scholarship to 131 students up to the age of 18 years or 21 years ( in special cases) under the scheme NFCH( National Foundation For Communal Harmony)’ to the children of those civilians who were killed due to militancy.
  6. Prosthetic Aids : The Department provides different kinds of assistive aids to the deserving physically incapacitated persons in the shape of appliances like Scooties, wheel chair, hearing aid , spectacles, sticks and tricycles. During the year 2017-18, 25 Motorized Scoters buy the department of RMV, five in each constituency by the recommendation of concerned MLA. Contributory Social security Scheme (CSSS): Under this scheme the department is providing contributory fund which is deposited in the account numbers of sanctioned beneficiaries’ which can be withdrawn by the beneficiary at the completion of stipulated period of time( 5 years) along with accrued benefits.  The Department is running one cottage Industry Center (CIC)  under State Plan at Gurwait Khansahib in Carpentry Trade with intake capacity of 25 trainees for imparting 12 months training course. Subsidy is also provided on  tools & Kits by the department.
  7. Social Welfare Centers The department of social welfare is running 10 social welfare centers in district Budgam for imparting training course for one year  in Cutting And Tailoring trade to the females with minimum qualification of class 10th (pass out) from the age group of 14 years above. The students are provided with necessary training materials and Stephen @ Rs. 100/m for 11 months. The Department also conducts examination in every 2 years and the successful students are provided with valid course completion certificate.
  8.  Financial Assistances to gada  Hanjiees Financial. Financial Assistances to gada Hanjiees  is provided in the shape of   Nylon twine thread and GI Tube( Gada Dul) which is distributed  among eligible beneficiaries  identified by fisheries  department.
  9. MFI/MFM Two orphanages Markazi Falai Itifal ( MFI) at Khansahib for boys  and Markazi Falai Mastoorat ( MFM) for girls at Chadoora is being run by the department, where under the registered orphan boys and girls are taken care of completely. With the intake capacity of 25 students in each home upto the age of 18 years  ,they are provided with boarding, logging, Meals, Education( upto calss 10th), Medical care, private tuition, recursions etc .

Scholarship Schemes

The department is providing scholarships to the regular students under different categories run by different Ministories.

  1. Pre-Matric/Post-Matric/Merit-Cum-Means based scholarship: These scholarship schemes are implemented by “Ministry Of Minority Affairs” with eligibility of 50% marks or above in previous class and parents/guardians annual income less than 1.00 lacs,2.00 lacs and 2.50 lacs respectively. The scholarship portal is provided by the govt. for filling up of forms by students and processing up of filled up forms at all levels. 
  2. Post-Matric scholarship to OBC/EBC/DNT/PCP These scholarship schemes are implemented by “Ministry Of Social Justice And Empowerment”.The stundents belonging to these categories and under going various Professiona, technical and Acemedic courses can fill up the form on the State Govt Portal  
  3. Pre-matric scholarship to OBC/PCP/Mounchi-Wattals/ITI/Reimbursement of 10th class examination fee. These off -line scholarships are provided under State Plan
  4. Pre-Matric Scholarship DNT:-  This scholarship is provided to the students studying from class 1st to 10th and undergoing various professional, technical and Academic  courses and specifically belonging to tribes Chopan/Pohul/Sangtarash of Kashmir Division. The student should have passed the previous class and parents/guardian annual income should not exceed Rs 2.00 lacs.