65th Co-operative week celebrated in Budgam.

15/11/2018 - 21/11/2018 Budgam

Budgam, Nov 15:-The department of Co-operatives Budgam today celebrated 65th National Co-operative week in Budgam. The main event was conducted at District co-operative headquarter Budgam. A large number of co-operative society members and people affiliated with its business units across the district participated in the day long celebrations. 

In his introductory address Deputy Registrar co-operatives Budgam Bashir Ahmad Makdoomi while highlighting the role and achievements carried out by the department with regard to various aspects, said that department has presently 95 working co-operative societies across the district. He said during the financial year of 2017-2018 the department has sold about 33201 quintals of different kind of fertilizer, thus accumulating revenue of 327.13 lacs. In addition the department also provided 1745505 liters of k – oil to the people during the corresponding period. Regarding current year achievements the department up to ending October 2018 has supplied about 12546 quintals of fertilizer to societies for on word sale.

The Deputy Registrar further said that co-operative movement is meant to help the poor and down trodden sections of the society especially the rural population. He said cooperative is providing many services to the rural as well as urban population. Further co-operative department has many employment generation schemes on fold, so has a vast scope of absorbing interested educated youth to come fore and take advantages by establishing their micro income generating units particularly in the field of poultry, dairy and education sector.

During the course of events co-operative flag was also hosted in the premises of co-operative headquarters Budgam by Deputy registrar in presence of huge gathering.