Handicrafts Training Programme

Date : 01/10/1982 - |

In order to broaden the artisan base and to maintain rather augment the human resource required in the industry. Department is running 74 training centres of Elementary/Advance nature having about 1500 intake capacity. About 1200 trainees are trained annually in these training centres. The duration of the training centres is minimum 01 year and maximum of 02 years depending upon the intricacy of the craft. The department is providing stipend of Rs.1000/- and Rs.1500/- to each trainee per month in respect of elementary and advance training courses respectively.


Any interested youth above the age of 14 years


The persons trained in these centres are being registered with the department under follow up mechanism enabling them to earn their livelihood by setting up income generating units.

How To Apply

The programme is a collective instead of individual. The centre is established in any habitation where from a representation/demand from a large junk of interested youth is made by the responsible persons of the locality.