Pirpanjal Forest Division comprising of three Territorial Ranges and one Soil Range. The area of the Division is 480.1 Sq Kms and Suknag Range is biggest Range comprising of 175.2 Sq Kms. Before the creation of Special Forest Division  Tangmarg  and  handing over of area in respect of compartment Ri-23 & Ri-24 to Shopian Forest Division, the area of the Pirpanjal Forest Division was  765.7 Sq Kms .The Range wise details of the area  is given as under:-

Forest Range area in Hec.
1 Doodganga 15972.00
2 Raithan 14511.45
3 Sukhnag 17525.25

Organisational Structure:-

  • Range Officer = 04
  • Block Forest Officer = 17
  • Beat Guard = 36

Four constitutes :-

  1. Charisharif
  2. Chadura
  3. Khansahib 
  4. Budgam

These are falling within the Jurisdiction of this Division and one Beerwah Constituency falls in Special Forest Division Tangmarg.Besides this Division covers three  Development Authorities.

  1. Yousmarg Development Authority
  2. Doodpathri Development Authority and
  3. Toismaidan Development Authority.