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Lok Sabha Election 2019-Constitution of Control Room. 18/03/2019 View (631 KB)
Conduct of General Elections 2019- Publication of Toll free No. 19/03/2019 View (461 KB)
Fixation of rates of various items – Constitution of Committee regarding. 25/03/2019 View (641 KB)
Conduct of General Election 2019 to 2-Srinagar Parliamentary Constituency-Suspension of Arms License. 27/03/2019 View (577 KB)
General Elections to Lok Sabha 2019-Consstitution of Media centre-regarding. 19/03/2019 View (703 KB)
Constitution of Flying squads/ Static surveillance Teams for General Elections 2019 to 2-Srinagar Parliamentary Constituency. 19/03/2019 View (452 KB)
General Election 2019-Constitution of Election Expenditure Monitoring Teams(EEM) and their training thereof. 19/03/2019 View (417 KB)
Approved Master Plan 2035 of Srinagar Metropolitan Region(SMR) “Proposed Landuse Plan” 20/03/2019 View (8 MB)
Approved Master Plan 2035 of Srinagar Metropolitan Region(SMR) “Master Plan-2035 Report(Final)” 20/03/2019 View (7 MB)
District Survey Report of Budgam for public comments within 21 days for finalization of DSR. Comments may be sent to District mineral Officer on Email:, Phone: 9419053865 05/02/2019 View (7 MB)