Animal Husbandry

Department of Animal Husbandry Budgam

Mission, vision, objectives, citizen charter

Making farmers self-sufficient in Milk and Egg production, their products thereby doubling their income through genetic up-gradation of livestock. Induction of cattle and poultry, setting up of Milk and poultry processing units which will also lead to employment generation.

Organisational /Functional setup and directory


1.     Chief Animal Husbandry Officer, Budgam(     Tel No. 255276

2.     Disease Investigation Officer, Budgam email  Tel No:-255358

3.     Superintendent District Hospital Budgam email id:  tel. No 255358

4.     Poultry Development officer, Budgam email 

5.     Officer Incharge Artificial Breeding Station Budgam email  tel. No 255328

6.     Block Veterinary Officer Budgam email 

7.     Block Veterinary Officer Narbal email 

8.     Block Veterinary Officer Beerwah email id:786bvobeeru 

9.     Block Veterinary Officer Chadora email 

10.  Block Veterinary Officer B.K.Pora email 

11.  Block Veterinary Officer Khansahib. email id:bvoksb121 

Constitutional, legal and administrative frameworks

“Prevention and control of infectious and contagious diseases in Animals Act, 2009”

“Prevention of cruelty to Animals Act 1960”

Plans, programmes, schemes and projects

1.     Integrated Dairy Development Scheme(IDDS) 2020-21 50% Subsidy on procurement of Animals/Dairy equipments with ceiling of 17.50 lacs for 50 animals

2.     Cattle feed processing unit/ Fodder Development Scheme 50% Subsidy

3.     Innovative Poultry Productivity Project (IPPP) 2020-21. Department provides 400 Low input Technology birds along with financial assistance for night shelter to selected beneficiaries.

4.     Integrated Poultry Development Project 2020-21. 50% subsidy on purchase of equipments/caged Poultry vehicles

Plan: 1. Department plans to vaccinate 100% against Foot and Mouth Disease Under National Animal Disease Control 2. Department plans to provide vaccine on subsidized rates to all commercial poultry farmers of the district

Services offered

1.     Treatment of livestock

2.     Genetic upgradation of livestock through Artificial insemination.

3.     Vaccination of livestock

4.     Dosing of livestock

5.     Employment generation by means of establishing new units related to dairy/Poultry  farming through various Schemes

Publications and reports

 Annual report/ Statistical report till feb 2021


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Notice Board

1.     113 (5cow dairy units have been established on 50% subsidy basis) @ Rs 1.75 lacs Subsidy per unit under IDDS During 2020-21.

2.     Establishment/Procurement Of One Bulk Milk Cooling Unit, 4 milking machines.

3.     Establishment/Procurement of 10 Nos of Mini Tractors on 50% subsidy basis @ 2.00 lacs to each beneficiary under Fodder Development Scheme.

4.     Establishment/Procurement of 9 Nos of transportation caged vehicle to commercial Pvt. Poultry farmers on with subsidy of Rs 2.00 lacs to each beneficiary under Integrated Poultry Development Project 2020-21.

FAQ and Help

What is the Procedure for availing Subsidies with respect to various departmental schemes?

Ans: people have to approach the office of Concerned Block Veterinary officer, obtain an application form, and get his /her credentials related to eligibility for the scheme verified.



Gazetted cadre :

1.Chief Animal Husbandry Officer Budgam(equivalent Deputy Director) =01

2. Livestock Development Officers(equ.)  =04

3. Veterinary Assistant Surgeons=39


1.     SO Planning=01

2.     Statistical Assistant=01 (vacant)

3.     Accountant=01 (vacant)

4.     Head Assistant=01

5.     Senior Assistant=04

6.     Junior Assistant=05

7.     Operator=01

8.     Driver=05

9.     Dairy Supervisor =05

10.   Assistant Veterinary Officers=12

11.   Livestock Supervisors=21

12    Senior Veterinary Pharmacists=56

13.  Veterinary Pharmacists=54

14.  Attendants=174