Animal Husbandry


Livestock is one of the widely expanding sectors and over the years the sector has established its importance in development of rural economy. The sector not only supplements income of the farmers but also provides gainful employment on one hand and supplements the vital and varied nutritional requirements of the individual.

Main objectives of the Department are:- 

  • To improve economic status of the rural poor through increased production of milk, eggs, poultry and other
  • Products of animal origin.
  • To inculcate the sense of self sufficiency through scientific Animal Husbandry practices.
  • To provide technical inputs to the private entrepreneurs in Animal Husbandry through various departmental schemes.
  • To provide market assistance to the farmers to get better remuneration of their produce.

The department has been working with a mission to explore/ adopt/ introduce/ promote/ organize/ undertake all activities viable for overall improvement of livestock and poultry for better productivity/output and subsequently create gainful self-employment avenues.

Schemes operational 2018-19:-

  • Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS) for un-employed Youth for Establishment of 02 to 10 cow unit.
  • Venture Capital Fund Scheme Poultry (NLM) National Livestock Mission,