Employment as a subject is included in the concurrent list of the Constitution of India. National Employment Service is a Joint concern of the Government of India and the State Governments. Compulsory Notification of Vacancies Act 1959 was passed by the Parliament to make it compulsory   for the establishments under Public and Private Sectors to notify vacancies to the nearest Employment Exchanges and also to render prescribed returns. This Act though extended to the J&K was applied by the state to the Private Sector only. The Employment Exchanges in J&K State had been catering to the recruitment needs of various Central Government Departments and Organizations.  But after the Supreme Court Judgment passed in the year 1996, the notifying departments were given the discretion to invite the applications at their own level in addition to the names being sponsored by the Employment Department in order to give a fair play and equal opportunity for applying against the said vacancies notified by a particular establishment / organization by making advertisements in the  print/electronic media for wide circulation. But despite that the Department of Employment has been  performing various assignment/activities which are defined as under:-    

  •  Registration of unemployed youth       
  •   Career Counselling & Guidance.
  •   Collection of Employment Market Information.
  •  Implementation of Jammu and Kashmir State Self Employment Scheme. (On hold from Feb 2015
  •  Special Recruitment Drives for recruitment of  unemployed educated youth in Indian Navy, Indian  AirForce,         JAKLI  and Assam Rifles etc.
  •  Implementation of Voluntary Service Allowance (VSA) Scheme.(On hold from Feb 2015)
  •  Registration of Self Help Groups.


The online registration of unemployed educated/uneducated youth for seeking employment assistance is one of the essential  jobs assigned to the Department of Employment. The desirous candidates can register themselves with the District Employment & Counselling Centers free of cost after filling in the prescribed form. The number of unemployed youth registered in District Employment & Counselling Centre Budgam is 1027 as on ending August, 2018.


Career Counselling has been made a regular feature of the Department. It is with this objective that the nomenclature of the District Employment Exchanges have been renamed as District Employment and Counselling Centres, which could be a platform for imparting coaching, counselling and guidance to the educated unemployed youth of the State in shaping their career. The Department has been inviting the reputed Career Counsellors within and outside of the State in the recent past for providing the Counselling regarding various career opportunities available both in J&K State as well as outside. Career counselling sessions have been held in various District Employment & Counselling Centres of the State on periodic basis to make the aspiring youth aware about various competitive examinations, job opportunities, etc. at the State and National level.


The EMI reports which are prepared yearly on the basis of the information collected from the public/private sector establishments/undertakings  on quarterly basis  is one  of the major functions of this Department as stipulated in the National Employment Service (NES)  manual issued by the Directorate General of Employment and Trainings, New Delhi. The said report after compilation, is sent to the said organization which subsequently prepares the report at all India level for purpose of future manpower planning of the Country.


The “Jammu and Kashmir State Self Employment Scheme” being implemented by Employment Department provides margin money, capital and interest subsidy assistance to the educated unemployed youth of the State for establishing their own employment generating units since 1995-96.

The Department  in coordination with various defense agencies like Indian Navy, Indian Air Force and JAKLI have been holding recruitment rallies at frequent intervals since 1998 for enrollment of educated youth of the State.


The State Government is providing, by way of financial support, a monthly Voluntary Service Allowance (VSA) to all unemployed educated youth having educational qualification of matriculation and above for the next three years; commencing financial year 2010-11. The VSA will, on the one hand, ensure hand holding support from the government to the educated unemployed youth till such time as they are either able to build the requisite capacities for starting self employment ventures or get employed in the government/ private Sector. On the other hand, the VSA will serve as a viable mechanism for inculcating in the young men and women of the state a sense of voluntary and community service for large public good.