Food Safety

Department of Food Safety Budgam
Mission, vision, objectives, citizen charter The objective of the department of Food Safety is to provide safe , wholesome food to the general public, the department has to monitor quality of food being sold in the market by conducting frequent Inspections and lift samples of all categories of food items for analytical purpose and  take legal action under the provisions of Food Safety and standards Act 2006 Rules 2011aganist the defaulters .

Organisational /Functional setup and directory

Establishment of the Authority Health & Family Welfare, Government of Jammu and Kashmir UT ,  is the Administrative department  for the implementation of FSSAI. The Commissioner of Food & Drug administration is the Commissioner of Food safety for the state of J & K UT for implementation of food safety and standards Act 2006 Rules 2011 in the state.

Commissioner of food safety  has been mandated by the FSS Act, 2006 for performing the following functions:

  • Impliment the provision of Food Safety and Standards Act in the state.
  • Creating an information network across the state so that the public, consumers, Panchayats etc receive rapid, reliable and objective information about food safety and issues of concern.
  • Provide training programmes for persons who are involved or intend to get involved in food businesses.under FASTAC
  • Promote general awareness about food safety and food standards.
  • Implement all provision of the FSSA Act in the state,
  • Implementing Eat Right campaign
Constitutional, legal, and administrative frameworks The District is implementing all the provisions of food safety and standards Act rules there under.
Plans, programmes, schemes and projects
  1. Food safety awareness Programs will be carried in the whole district.
  2. Implementation Eat right .
  3. Issuance of Online Licences and Registration on web portal
  4. As such there is no Budget provided to the district.
  5. The district is headed by Designated officer and One Food Safety officer is placed at block level for implementation the provision of FSSA.

There are no schemes at present with the district 

Services offered

The department is providing online licenses and registration under web portal any one can apply for licence / Registration under FSSAI, who intends to operate Retail/ Wholesale or Manufacturing unit of any food category.

Publications and reports Refer to
Notice Board

1.Organising food safety awareness programs at block level, including Mid day meals, ICDS workers.

2. In this financial year 2021-2022 the district will reach to all food business operators and train them under FASTAC .

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