About District

Budgam is one of the youngest districts of the State, carved out as it was from the erstwhile District Srinagar in 1979. Situated at an average height of 5,281 ft above sea-level and at 75 degree E longitude and 34 degree N latitude, the district was known as Deedmarbag in ancient times. The topography of the district is mixed with both mountainous and plain areas. The climate is of the temperate type with the upper-reaches receiving heavy snowfall in winter. The average annual rainfall of the district is 585 mm. While the southern and south-western parts are mostly hilly, the eastern and northern parts of the district are plain. The average height of the mountains is 1,610 m and the total area under forest cover is 477 sq. km. The soil is loose and mostly denuded karewas dot the landscape. Comprising Three Sub-Divisions – Beerwah, Chadoora and Khansahib; Nine Tehsils – Budgam, Beerwah, B.K.Pora, Chadoora, Charisharief, Khag, Khansahib, Magam and Narbal; the district has been divided into seventeen blocks namely Beerwah, Budgam, B.K.Pora, Chadoora, ChrariSharief, Khag, Khansahib, Nagam, Narbal, Pakherpoa, Parnewa, Rathsun, Soibugh, Sukhnag, Surasyar, S.K.Pora and Waterhail which serve as prime units of economic development. Budgam has been further sliced into 283 panchayats comprising 510 revenue villages.