Department of Handicrafts Budgam

Mission, vision, objectives citizen charter


Objectives of the Department:-

The primary objective of the department is to prepare substantial manpower to carry on the traditional Handicrafts activities through the training centres (Vocational).


Create and maintain a socially and economically sustainable Handicrafts sector.


Promote, regulate and facilitate the engaged craftsperson and other economical needs through various sponsored schemes.

Organizational/Functional setup and directory


I. Assistant Director Handicrafts at District Level (Overall   Administrative and supervisory functions in the District).

II. Handicrafts Training Officers at Block Level (09 Handicrafts Blocks)

(Supervision of Training Programme)

III. Assistant Handicrafts Training Officers 67

(Supervision and other related activities of the Training Centre)

Constitutional, legal and administrative framework

I.  Acts and Rules

II. Recruitment Rules

Plans, Programmes, Schemes and Projects

1.    Centrally Sponsored Schemes    Nil

2.    State Schemes: –

I.   Training Programme to create Artisan Base presently having 74 Training Centres imparting Training to1840 persons annually in different crafts on stipendiary basis of Rs. 500/= and 700/= per month in respect of elementary and advanced Training (The stipend is to be given at enhanced rates of 1000/= and 1500/= from 04/2021.

II. Registration of Artisans: –  To register the practizing Artisans with the deposit and issue a lifetime Registration card to enable them to take the benefits of the different schemes programmes.

III.       Replacement of Traditional Carpet Looms by Modern Carpet Looms (MCL) by way of identifying and recommending the intending registered Carpet Weavers to the sanctioning authority i.e. HOD.

IV.        Self Employment to Individual Artisan:  It is basically a special Credit Plan christened as Artisans and Weavers Credit Card Scheme under which the cases are sponsored to financial institutions (Banks) for extending credit facilities of Rs. 2.00 lac with 7% interest subvention for a period of 5 years with the sole objective to emancipate the exploited artisans from the clutches of the middlemen and to empower them.

V.          Marketing support and publicity exhibition: –    In order to create a marketing facility to the empowered artisans to sell their artifacts in the open market, the Department facilitates them to participate in Government-sponsored exhibitions and various expose besides registering them on online marketing portals especially Flipcart, UDYAM Registration through MSME and GeM Registration.

Services Offered

Registration of individual artisans and unitholders of small units


Publication and Reports


Feed Back

For feedbacks send an email to

Notice Board

Orders and circulars


Mostly about the modes apparently of registration and instant awareness/counselling is being provided.


(a). Executive: –

01.  Assistant Director (01) UT Cadre

02.  Handicrafts Training Officers (09 Divisional Cadre)

03.  Head Assistant-cum-Accountant (01 Divisional Cadre)

04.   Assistant Handicrafts Training Officers (67 Divisional Cadre)

05.  Care-Taker (02 District Cadre)

06.  Store-Keeper (01 Divisional Cadre)

07.  Cashier (01 Divisional Cadre)

08.  Junior Assistant (01 District Cadre)

09.  Accounts Assistant (01 Divisional Cadre)

10.  Order (86 District Cadre)


(b). Technical: –

1. Senior Craft Instructor (76 Divisional Cadre)

2. Junior Craft Instructor(73 District Cadre)