State Award to master craftsmen-Handicrafts

Date : 01/01/1980 - |

The scheme has been devised to induce great enthusiasm amongst the artisan community who continue to produce artefacts par excellence. Under this scheme 0.50 lacs for 1st prize, 0.30 lacs for 2nd prize and 0.20 lacs for 3rd prize is given to the competing artisans so that the younger generations shall take the handicrafts activity as their main occupation and bestow it the glory as it had experienced in the past.


Any craftsmen


To boost the morale of the craftsmen and give inspiration to the other working younger generation to take up the craft activity and bestow it the glory as it had experienced in the past.

How To Apply

The department of handicrafts publishes notification annually in the print and electronic media whereunder the applications for competing in the award ceremony is invited from the interested craftsmen through a plain application along with the photostat copy of artisan registration card, Aadhaar card and a brief description of the artifacts which the interested artisan has to submit the department through respective Handicrafts Block offices/ District office.