AurZuv Mobile App

The AurZuv mobile app is an initiative of District Administration Budgam. This app will be helpful for citizens enabling them to view health institutes, medical facilities available in their vicinity, Health-related quick dials, and Health-related e-services. Secondly, the information collected will be helpful for planning, augmentation and up-gradation of health centers of the district which will help in improving the health facilities in the district and ultimately benefit the citizens.

AurZuv Mobile app

The app can be downloaded from the following link


WAMSI (Waqaf Management System of India)

The initiative for “Computerization of records of the State Wakf Boards” was launched by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India, to streamline record keeping, introduce transparency, and to computerize the various functions & processes of the Waqf Boards and to develop a single web-based centralized software application.

The broad objectives of computerizing the records of the State Waqf Boards are:

  • Waqf Properties Registration Management,
  • Annual Returns Filing of assessable Waqf Properties Management,
  • Transparency in Leasing of Waqf Properties under Direct Management of Waqf Board,
  • Litigations (Internal as well as External Hon’ble Courts) Tracking Management,
  • Waqf Properties Ownership establishing Documents Archiving & Retrieval Management,
  • GIS of Waqf Properties using GPS Field Survey along with Photographs of Waqf Properties,
  • Funds Management to Mosques, Durgah, Kabristan, Imams, Muazzins, Widows, Girls Marriages, Scholarships, Schools, Hospitals, Dispensaries, Musafirkhanas, Skill Development Centres, etc.,
  • Loans Management for Development Of Urban Waqf Properties.

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Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant-Governor (L-G) launched the Jammu and Kashmir Integrated Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (JK-IGRAMS).

About System:

  • Grievance redressal mechanism- JK-IGRAMS is an effective grievance redressal mechanism that is the most important component of a well-governed responsive administration.
  • Decentralization- This system decentralizes the handling and redressal of public grievances by making district collectors and deputy commissioners the primary level of receiving, disposing, and monitoring grievances.
  • Coverage- The system is working in all the districts of Jammu and Kashmir.

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Domicile Certificates

Domicile Certificates are issued by the Tehsildar Concerned where the applicant is residing. For Online certificates, Citizens can apply through Citizens first have to register with their full particulars as required on the website. After registration, citizens can log in to the website and apply for Domicile Certificate. Citizens must ensure that they have selected proper Tehsil at the time of registration. Updation of Tehsil of the applicant can be done after successful login by the applicant under “My Profile” option.




Budget, Estimation, Allocation & Monitoring System (BEAMS) is an application for online budgeting & flow of resources. It is designed to capture the flow of funds to each individual project under execution on a real-time basis. Citizens can view projects that are being funded in their area so that they can actively participate in the process of development. The government of J&K has launched the EMPOWERMENT initiative to enable people’s participation during the execution of projects

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Swasthiya Nidhi

Amid Covid-19 threat and following Government directions, District administration Budgam has started massive COVID-19 Health Audit ‘Swasthya Nidhi’ in the district under which designated teams will meet every individual of the district and enquire about their wellbeing



COVID19 Rapid Antibody Test

The collection of correct data timely is most important during these tough times. The data relating to COVID19 Rapid Antibody Test is being collected by the Government of India with the help of authorized collection center persons spread throughout the country. The portal at is primarily for entry of authorized person details so that they may use the mobile App for transferring Rapid Antibody Test and RT-PCR data to ICMR portal for probable +ve/-ve cases, through their mobile phones.

Persons who have tested for COVI19 using RTPCR test can check their report through

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Aarogya Setu

Aarogya Setu, a mobile app developed by the ministry of electronics and IT to help citizens identify their risk of contracting Covid-19 (coronavirus). Aarogya setu is designed to keep a user informed in case she/he has crossed paths with someone who has tested positive. The tracking is done through a Bluetooth & location-generated social graph, which can show your interaction with anyone who has tested positive.

The app can be downloaded from the following link


COVID 19 e-Pass

As a proactive measure for COVID19 containment in district Budgam, certain areas have been declared as red zones and in order to allow restricted movement out of these zones particularly for attending to medical emergencies, we launched e-Pass service in the district for persons residing within these red zone areas. This service will benefit emergency movement of public of red zone areas who are otherwise not allowed to move out of containment zones as per prescribed guidelines. Now after the launch of this e-Pass facility, any person in a situation of emergency residing in the pre-defined red /containment zones can now apply online by going to the web site and clicking on the link e-Pass service.


CSC Scheme

Common Service Centers (CSC) scheme is an initiative of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology(Meity), Government of India. CSCs act as the access points for the delivery of various digital services to villages in India. Also, the scheme promotes rural entrepreneurship and the building of sustainable rural livelihoods.

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Digital Finance inclusion and awareness

The project titled “Digital Finance for Rural India: Creating Awareness and Access through CSC’s aims to enable the CSCs to become Digital Financial hubs, by hosting awareness sessions on government policies and digital finance options available for rural citizens as well as enabling various mechanisms of digital financial services such as such as IMPS, UPI, Bank PoS machines etc.

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Skill Development

Government id providing skill development training to citizens through CSC with a vision of

  • Providing skill training to youth in rurla areas
  • Getting them certified
  • Making them eligible for sustainable employment oppurtunities

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Digital India Week 2019 Schedule(PDF 80 KB).


1. Training on JK Pulse (online monitoring of BADP) & Presentation by IT resource persons from all departments on progress made under Digital India initiative. “The IT based projects implemented in different department were discussed”

2. Publishing of e-Governance Magazine of district Budgam in digital mode. An e-governance publication was edited by NIC Budgam in consultation with District administration . The magazine covers the IT based projects implemented in different departments.

3. Digital initiative awareness lecture to IT resource persons of all departments.

4. Launch of software for digitisation of office record/ files.

5. Digital India Awareness lecture at Girls higher secondary school budgam. More than 150 students take part in the program. various Schemes & programs available to citizens/ students in digital mode(website/ apps) were elaborated.

6. Launch of digital grievance system for aggrieved women in district Budgam.

7. Launch of Webpage about Government services available through digital mode. Various government services available to citizens through website/mobile application have been put together and are available on this page.

8. Starting of work regarding “Renovation of NIC Budgam office”: Renovation Started on 1st july, Admistrative Approval already accorded by the District administration Budgam. As part of renovation “Space of around 10ft*12ft will be supplemented to NIC.


 An e-Governance Publication from Budgam(Draft Copy)






Grievance form for Women in district Budgam