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Government Digital Services


Digital India Schedule 2019(PDF 80 KB).


1. Training on JK Pulse (online monitoring of BADP) & Presentation by IT resource persons from all departments on progress made under Digital India initiative. “The IT based projects implemented in different department were discussed”

2. Publishing of e-Governance Magazine of district Budgam in digital mode. An e-governance publication was edited by NIC Budgam in consultation with District administration . The magazine covers the IT based projects implemented in different departments.

3. Digital initiative awareness lecture to IT resource persons of all departments.

4. Launch of software for digitisation of office record/ files.

5. Digital India Awareness lecture at Girls higher secondary school budgam. More than 150 students take part in the program. various Schemes & programs available to citizens/ students in digital mode(website/ apps) were elaborated.

6. Launch of digital grievance system for aggrieved women in district Budgam.

7. Launch of Webpage about Government services available through digital mode. Various government services available to citizens through website/mobile application have been put together and are available on this page.

8. Starting of work regarding “Renovation of NIC Budgam office”: Renovation Started on 1st july, Admistrative Approval already accorded by the District administration Budgam. As part of renovation “Space of around 10ft*12ft will be supplemented to NIC.


 An e-Governance Publication from Budgam(Draft Copy)






Grievance form for Women in district Budgam